“I cannot think of a better Christian man to represent Banks, Stephens and Habersham counties. Chris has the character we need and he has my vote.”

Rev. Jim McLendon

“I had the privilege of working for Chris Erwin for nine years.  Over this nine year period Chris Erwin always treated me with respect and he proved to be a great mentor.  I have joked that the fact that I worked for Chris for nine years and still like him should be evidence enough that he is a good man and is worthy of holding public office.   Chris Erwin is a man of character, has always been honest, and he has the right heart for public service.  Mr. Erwin’s presence in Atlanta would instantly make our state legislature a better place.   I can state these things in full confidence as one of his former employees and as a current resident of the 28th Georgia House District.  He has my full support in his bid to represent us in the state legislature. “

-Habersham County School Superintendent, Matthew Cooper

“I can think of no one better to serve the 28th House District than Chris Erwin. Chris and I have a long history of working together to solve the problems that affect northeast Georgians. He’s, without a doubt, true to the core.”

-Former State Senator, Jim Butterworth
Senator Butterworth and his wife, Amy

“Chris Erwin is my friend and a fine, honest gentleman. He is the caliber individual we need as our state representative. I encourage everyone to vote for Chris.”

-Former Chief Magistrate Judge for Habersham County,
James N. Butterworth
Judge Butterworth and his wife, Rhonda