“I am honored to represent District 32 and to be a part of the bright future ahead of us.”

True to the Core

Chris Erwin is a Conservative Republican serving District 32 of the Georgia House of Representatives since 2019. He is excited and humbled for the opportunity to serve the community and to be a voice for his constituents at the State Capitol. Chris’ energies will be focused on education, workforce development, election integrity, and economic development.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Chris with any questions or concerns through the “Let’s Connect” link at the top of the page or on Facebook.  He looks forward to hearing from you.

Chris currently serves on the following committees in the House:

Education – Chairman
Intragovernmental Coordination
State Planning & Community Affairs

“I’m proud of my wife, Laurie and her dedication to the House Page Program. The Page Program gives students a first-hand opportunity to observe and participate in the legislative process during the session.”

“I am honored to serve the communities in House District 32, especially the families who’ve chosen to call Northeast Georgia home,” said Rep. Erwin. “My passion all of my adult life has been to assist our youth in their quest for education and to develop their path to a productive future. I look forward to guiding legislation that can help our youth achieve their goals and help parents feel secure in sending their children to our K-12 schools.”


I believe that life begins at conception and am a Pro-Life supporter.

I support the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms.

I firmly support the United States and State Constitution and the Rule of Law.

I support protection of our U.S. borders and our country’s sovereignty.

I believe in protecting our citizen’s private property rights.

I support our Local law enforcement.

I am a supporter of Election Integrity.

I support our citizen’s right to privacy and the Fourth Amendment.

I believe in reducing the size of the government and lower taxes.